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At the Tip of Your Fingers

Bite-Sized Resources


There are lots of great books out there, here are a few I often recommend:


  • This book on self awareness is applicable to everyone and backed by sound research. Available on Amazon

DBT Skills Workbook

  • This workbook is practical and great for people who feel like they don't know how to gain control over their emotions. Available on Amazon. ​


  • This is a book about attachment theory and friendship but is great for anyone interested in understanding attachment styles. Available on Amazon.

8 Dates

  • This is a great book for couples, but can be read individually. Available on Amazon

The Complex PTSD Workbook

  • This is a workbook for people with multiple traumatic experiences that can be used on your own or with your therapist.​ Available on Amazon.

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The internet is full of resources, some more reliable than others. Below is a list of some of the places I most often direct my clients. 

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