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About me

Bekah Rose therapist and consultant

I believe it is possible to be relatable to clients by being myself and disclosing some of my personal experiences while maintaining a professional relationship that always comes back to the client and their goals. In light of that belief, here's a bit about me:


The majority of my career has focused on people-centered work. I am a part of a practice group called The Collective and I provide relationship therapy, coaching and consulting services to individuals and couples with a focus on working with men, high level professionals, and couples. I have a Masters of Social Work from Indiana University, a Juris Doctorate from the University of Iowa, and a Bachelors in Political Science from Indiana University. Yes, I have a law degree and no, I am not a lawyer. It's a long story that I am happy to share, if you are curious. The abridged version is that it wasn't the right fit but I am so grateful for my education and the relationships I developed in law school (my husband, for example). Fortunately for me, I believe I found the right fit with the work I am currently doing. The path wasn't linear but I learned a lot along the way.

Prior to pursuing my MSW, I started and operated a mid-sized moving company with my husband in the DC metro area where I focused on HR and marketing. I learned that I am an entrepreneur at heart and I love that I have found a career path that feeds that part of me while also feeding the part of me that is passionate about helping people grow and develop. Additionally, I am a parent to 3 boys ages 11, 7, and 6, we have 1 turtle and a Weimaraner puppy named Stella, and I have been married for 12 years.  My educational, professional, and personal experiences shape my approach to working with people who are interested in growth and development.


Just like anyone, my life is imperfect and while I am not the focus of the work that I do, I think it is essential that the people I work with trust me to be nonjudgmental as we work to identify the areas they are trying to improve. I work to establish trust by showing up confidently imperfect and open to feedback in an effort to establish rapport with my clients as I ask them to work to do the same with me. Through a collaborative process that is based in nonjudgment and mutual respect, my clients and I get an opportunity to learn and grow from each other while maintaining focus on the client's goals.


My style is compassionate and emotionally focused, but also no-nonsense and goal oriented. My hope is to establish a working relationship with clients that allows for vulnerability, humor/ levity, and often some hard realities as we work towards the established goals. Sometimes we laugh, sometimes we cry, and sometimes we throw around a few f-bombs. This is hard work, but I hope to make the process as approachable as possible.


Areas of focus​:

Stress - Anxiety - Relationships 


Leadership - Culture - Organizational Health


Indiana University, MSW

University of Iowa, JD

Indiana University, BA - Political Science  

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