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Leadership Coaching for Lawyers

Leadership Coaching for Lawyers

"Not everything that is faced can be changed; but nothing can be changed until it is faced."
-James Baldwin

Law schools teach people how to think like lawyers. I know I heard the “you are going to learn how to think like a lawyer” speech at the start of most classes my IL year, and I’m guessing you did too. What I didn’t hear much about was learning how to be a leader. Socially and culturally, lawyers are considered leaders but they are not consistently presented with learning opportunities to cultivate their leadership skills. At least in my experience, I was encouraged to lead, but there was no formal component of my education that specifically emphasized learning how to be a leader (maybe I’ll take that up with the Association of American Law Schools one day). Most lawyers learn to lead experientially and, for those with the opportunity to work in large firms, through in-house leadership development programs. Experience and in-house programs are incredibly valuable resources but they also have their limitations.


If you are interested in self-development to enhance your leadership skills and you are looking for something beyond what you have already done, let's chat. My work as a leadership coach focuses on emotional intelligence (EQ) and relational self awareness for legal leaders seeking to refine their leadership skills or aspiring legal leaders looking to break into a new phase of their career and develop the skills necessary to thrive.

The contemporary legal leader is a dynamic expert in the law and in leadership. Across all industries we are seeing an increase in the emphasis on developing EQ and relationships because both drive the achievement of organizational goals. However, learning how to lead is an investment in your self development that goes far beyond your professional aspirations. As my clients use leadership as a framework to dive deep into their own self development they begin leveraging their awareness to grow their EQ and improve relationships; starting with their internal relationship with self and expanding to include all external relationships. Learning to lead is a holistic and collaborative journey that begins with assessment, structured learning, and skill building designed to empower clients to eventually take charge of their learning agenda while continuing to receive support, feedback, and guidance from the safety of our professional alliance. 

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