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Relationship Professional

for individuals, couples, and organizations


Relational work is for everyone.

Crowd of People

Our relationships are a powerful predictor of our happiness.

As a relationship professional, I am dedicated to helping people achieve a deeper understanding of their relationship patterns and underlying issues that lead to dissatisfaction and disconnection.

I specialize in working with men, high level professionals, and couples. My goal is to support my clients as they develop their knowledge and become empowered to honor themselves and their relationships with positive change.

With my guidance, you can learn skills that enhance self-awareness, communication, emotional regulation, and intimacy. I work with people who are ready to reimagine their relationships and find comfort and connection as they develop their relational self awareness.


We will spend the first part of our time together working to establish trust and gathering information that can help us collaborate and establish realistic goals for the work you're wanting to do, then I will teach skills that will help you access curiosity and connection within yourself and within your relationships with others that you can use anywhere, and finally we will reflect on your experiences in applying those skills to cultivate relational self-awareness and fine tune as necessary. This work is, on average, most intense for the first 10 to 15 hours we spend together. After that, the work often moves into a maintenance phase where we practice and reinforce skills in light of what we know to be true about you and the relationships you are in.

My goal is to help you find this process approachable because I believe everyone can benefit from this type of work if they find the right provider for them, and perhaps I'm the right fit for you. Our relationship will maintain professional boundaries, and can become a model for how to engage relationally with yourself and with others. Regardless of the work we are doing, I will work to meet you where you are at while focusing on your goals and providing my professional insight and guidance. I draw from my personal and professional experiences to offer a holistic perspective that pragmatically addresses your emotional, relational, and behavioral responses to your experiences.

I hope to offer clients a space that is driven by compassion and empathy but also loving accountability to help support your goals for growth. Sometimes we'll laugh, sometimes we'll cry, and sometimes we'll throw around a few (or in my case, a lot) of F-bombs. I take this work seriously and hope you do too, but we can do serious work together without taking ourselves too seriously while we do it.

All services are offered in-person or virtually. 

Pricing varies depending on the service. Ask how you may be eligible to submit services for partial reimbursement through your health insurance.  

"It doesn't mean you're weak because you're having a hard time.
Never forget that it takes strength to struggle"


Couples therapy


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